Acid Normal to Molar Conversions

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Definition of Terms:


A 1 Molar (1M) solution = 1mol of solute / 1 Liter of solution


A 1 Normal (1N) solution = 1mol equivalent of acid (H+) / 1 Liter of solution



A 1M solution = 1N solution This is because 1 mol of HCl ionizes to 1mol of H+ and 1mol of Cl- ions The 1mol of (H+) ions = 1 equivalent of acid


A 1M solution = 2N solution This is becuse 1mol of H2SO4 ionizes to 2mol of H+ and 1mol of SO4- ions The 2mol of (H+) ions = 2 equivalent of acid

Posted by Michael Seymour 2013