Quantification of Conidial Suspensions

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  1. Make 1:100 dilutions of Conidial Suspension by vortexing the suspension and immediately adding 10uL of Suspension to 990uL of sterile H2O in a 1.5mL epi-tube.
  2. Examine 1uL of the diluted conidial suspension under 100x magnification on a Hemocytometer.
  3. Count the number of conidia and multiply by 100 (original dilution above) to get the #conidia/uL.
  4. Multiply this by 1000 (1000uL/mL) to get the conidial suspension's concentration in conidia/mL.
  5. Record concentration on original suspension's 50mL falcon tube.

Posted by Michael Seymour 2014